Eoso 40W 5-Port High Speed Desktop USB Charger with Intelligent Technology for iPhone, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Htc, Nokia and More (White)

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One for every device



Free yourself from the mass of charging adapters and consolidate all your charging needs into the Eoso 5 Ports USB charging station. With 5 concurrent USB Ports, all your devices can skip the queue and get topped up in no time.



Intelligent technology



Don’t settle for restrict charging speeds from standard USB ports. Set yourself free with revolutionary Intelligent technology for intelligent device detection: ride the charging autobahn and get the maximum charging speed every time.



Safe Charging,Charging 5 Devices Simultaneously



Premium circuitry, CE/RoHS certification and multiple failsafe switches, including short-circuit, over-charging and over-heating protection to protect your devices against the unexpected.







Compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets: iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy / Note / Tab, Google Nexus, HTC, Nokia, Motorola and more.



Desktop charger review, August 11, 2015
By Bane Tech "Joshua Bane"
This review is from: Eoso 40W 5-port High Speed Desktop USB Charger with Intelligent Technology for iPhone, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Htc, Nokia and More (Black) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
The Good
While I was testing out the EOSO Desktop Charger there were so many things that impressed me about it. Right away I was glad it has a small footprint, and honestly I would take less power per charge if the footprint is significantly smaller (and 40W is nothing to scoff at). I also appreciate the fact that it comes with “Intelligent Technology”, which essentially means: if you reach full charge on any device you plug in, it will stop charging that device. I also can definitely appreciate the look of the charger itself. It is aesthetically pleasing unlike many other desktop chargers. It also has that coveted premium feel in the hand. The circuitry has been designed with safety and efficiency in mind. As a result this ensures protection against: over-heating, and over-charging.

The Bad
The EOSO Desktop Charger was solid overall, however there are some things that I just can’t let slide. The thing that bugged me was: the black model I was sent has a sort-of matte finish. This translates to this charger being a finger-print magnet. This however, was not a deal-breaker to me, and they offer this model in white as well.

The Ugly
I am glad to say I found nothing about this desktop charger to be a deal-breaker. Honestly even the bad thing could be considered “nit-picky”

Standout Features:

An industry-leading 40W through five ports
Detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 8 amps overall.

Final Thoughts

This EOSO desktop charger will be my daily driver for my desktop charging needs for the foreseeable future. My iMac only comes with 4 USB slots, so I found myself in the market for a desktop charger for my charging needs. While it doesn’t have any revolutionary features, it still somehow stands out in the crowded desktop charger field, because it’s solid in every way that matters. It looks great, and provides a great charge which is its primary function. It even has small footprint, and can be tucked away fairly easily. It’s also inexpensive especially when pitted against comparable competitors. This desktop charger is good enough to make the competition step its game up( I’m talking to you Anker)! When this happens it is great because we as the consumers win.

This is an excellent USB charger. There are five different ports which allows us to charge multiple devices at the same time, but you only need to use one outlet. The unit is very compact, so you can tuck in a corner and it barely takes up any space at all. The sleek black design blends in with any decor. We used it to charge a variety of devices including phones, kindles, and tablets, and had no issues with compatibility. It appears to be pretty universal. I am very happy with it.